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This is to inform you that we will be adding the GMAIL address that you provided to our Google Group.

Access to this Group is connected to this Google Drive link:


Please be sure to be logged in to the correct GMAIL address when you press this link. Some have multiple email accounts so you can easily switch them on the upper right section of the page when the link loads.


Some important notes:

- This folder is restricted only to those GMAIL addresses we give access to. So people who have yet to purchase from us or have not yet registered their email address, will NOT have access to the files.

- This DOES NOT take up space in your Google Drive account so don’t worry! 👍


Common Issue Resolved after waiting:

Some of the members reported that some files are missing at the start. But it's due to the large files in the folder. After refreshing and waiting a few hours, these same members have reported that they finally see the files.  👍

We hope this does not happen to you!

But in case it does and just in case you are really in need of a particular file already and it is still not showing... Kindly just let us know and we send you just those files first while you wait for the rest of the folders to update accordingly. 


Happy learning!